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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

Redwood Veterinary Hospital is happy to announce the availability of the RHDV2 vaccine!
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a highly contagious, fatal viral disease that causes internal bleeding and death in both wild rabbits and domestic rabbits. It was first detected in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, then in Washington, Ohio, New Mexico and most recently in Palm Springs and Lancaster, California. The virus can spread both by direct contact, as well as on “fomites”, which is anything that touched the affected rabbit or it’s urine, feces or saliva.
Currently, there is no FDA approved vaccine for RHDV2 in the United States, and are only available through a special permit from CDFA. Fortunately, Dr. Fleischer was able to obtain a limited supply of the RHDV2 vaccine.
All prospective patients are required to be 10 weeks of age or older and in good health. Vaccines are given in a single dose with yearly boosters.
Please give us a call at 559-733-2703 to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Fact Sheet :