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Infectious Diseases

Providing the best care for our canine and feline companions in the Central Valley must center around the prevention of the many infectious diseases to which our pets are exposed on a daily basis.  This includes vaccinations for many viruses that are present here as well as our parks, found in our yards, as well as the beach and mountains.

The vaccine recommendations are based on the age, health status and exposure of the pets to the various preventable diseases.  Because some of the viruses can be spread by very mobile insects, some can be airborne, and some live in the soil where your pet walks and plays, every pet that lives in the valley is at risk…even those that “never leave the backyard.”  The cost of prevention is much less than the expense related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease.  And unfortunately, even with treatment and recovery from some of the preventable diseases, the pet can still experience permanent damage to various organ systems.

The benefit of obtaining vaccinations from your veterinarian is that the manufacturers of the vaccines guarantee that those vaccines will protect your pet.  This is not the case for vaccines purchased from catalogues, pet stores, or feed stores.  The other benefit is that your veterinarian will be able to guide you on all aspects of your pet’s optimal health regarding behavior, nutrition, dental health and the benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered.  The veterinarian will begin you journey to optimal health care for each of your pets with a careful physical examination that will allow the veterinarian to detect subtle changes that can often be the earliest indicator of an underlying health problem.