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Saying Goodbye

When It Is Time to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is a difficult process.  In order to meet your needs and help ease your pet through this process, please consider the following:

1. Would you prefer to be present for the euthanasia?

    • If yes, we will place an intravenous catheter.  This will allow you to hold or be close to your pet during the procedure.  We will administer the euthanasia solution through this catheter.  This will help your pet be as comfortable as possible while reducing stress and anxiety.  In certain situations, the doctor may suggest sedation prior to euthanasia to increase your pet’s comfort.

2. Would you like us to make a clay paw print memorial?

3. After care–We offer the following options for care of the body

    • A canvass burial bag to take your pet home to be buried.
    • Communal Cremation- No return of ashes. Ashes will be scattered by the cremation company.
    • Private Cremation- Ashes will be returned to Redwood Veterinary Hospital in the urn you have chosen.
    •  Four Creeks Pet Crematorium offers A Rainbow Scatter tube, Cherry Photo Urn, Red Oak Photo Urn, Walnut Photo Urn, and the Cedar Box (including an engraved name plate)
      • The Rainbow Scatter Tube is a good choice for owners who want to scatter their pet’s ashes, or transfer them to a container of their choice.
    • Our cremation service comes for collection on Tuesday, and the service may take 1 to 2 weeks for remains to be returned. A receptionist will call you once the ashes arrive at our clinic.