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Spaying & Neutering: Responsible Pet Ownership

With an ever-present overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs, as well as the simple fact that there are never enough loving homes for all in need, spaying or neutering pets has become a commonly accepted practice and one of responsible pet ownership.

One of the most common procedures we do here at SoMa Animal Hospital, spaying and neutering your pet is nothing to worry about. The procedure itself is relatively quick and results in minimal pain and recovery time afterwards. It prevents unwanted pregnancies as well as many health problems in your pet long-term.


  • Spayed female dogs and cats generally live a longer, healthier life with fewer reproductive related health problems
  • Neutered male dogs and cats have a lesser chance of contracting certain cancers and prostate problems
  • Deters unwanted and inappropriate urination in both sexes
  • Lessens aggressive tendencies and territorialism
  • And so much more!